Cell Phones Abroad: Help?

Last time I went to Europe, I definitely learned one thing above anything else: using Verizon’s “international plan” option is a complete and utter rip off. They might have tweaked it some since, but at the time, it was incredibly confusing. There was a $10/day option, but there was also a monthly option, but it was just for the calendar month (as I recall). And Denisa and I were both trying to use our phones abroad. In the end, we stopped using hers after a bit and just used mine, but we still ended up paying for both the monthly and the daily plan because of a screw up on our end, and . . .

I’m not doing that again.

My sister, on the other hand, waltzed into Hungary, picked up a European SIM card, and used her phone to her heart’s content for the whole trip, all for about $40. I’ll have what she’s having, thanks very much. But naturally, as I’m going to look through the options at the moment, there are just a ton of them, and it’s a bit bewildering if you haven’t done it before.

We both have iPhones, and I’m pretty sure they’re unlocked, and I’m almost positive they’ll work on European mobile platforms. She’ll be flying into the Czech Republic. I’ll be flying in to Austria. Then we’ll both be in Slovakia and Italy. There are options to buy SIM cards online and have them shipped to America before you go. There are options to buy them in the country. There are different carriers, different plans, different everything.

I’m all for choices, but when I get too many of them, my head starts to spin. That’s where you come in.

Have any of you done this recently? Do you have any words of wisdom or warning? If I’m going to get SIM cards sent to us here in the US, I probably better get on that right away. If we’re waiting to buy until we’re in the country, then it’s not as big of a deal.

Thanks in advance for any and all bits of advice.


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