Looking for Advice: Planning a Trip to Scotland

Worldcon is in Glasgow this August, and I’ve made a goal to try and go to more conferences that are writing focused. It’s a tough goal, isn’t it? I have to go to Scotland in order to fulfill it? How ever will I manage?

So this means I’m back in trip planning mode, as there’s no way I’m flying to Scotland and then just sitting in a conference center the entire time. For a while, I was thinking of seeing more of the British Isles while I was there, but after looking at the logistics, it didn’t make that much sense to me to try and rush rush rush just to see more countries. (That aren’t even really countries. What’s up with that?) Better to take my time and not be so harried.

With that said, I have pretty much zero experience with Scotland. I know there are bagpipes and kilts and James Bond’s home (which I realize is fictitious, before you rush to correct me.) Other than that, we’re talking about a clean slate. I know there are many people who have actually been to Scotland, though, so I’d love to have some advice as I start my trip planning.


  • What are the main places to use as a home base to see things? I know there’s Edinburgh and Glasgow (so I guess there’s actually a bit more to my knowledge to Scotland than I initially let on), and then there are those Highlands. Do those end up just being a bunch of day trips out of one of the bigger cities? Is there a third hub people like to use?
  • How hard is it to drive on the left side of the road? Part of me wants to have the freedom of a car, but I’m honestly really intimidated by the thought of driving on the left. (Especially driving stick on the left.) Is it really not that bad? Or are the trains good enough that I shouldn’t even wonder?
  • What are your favorite things you’ve done in Scotland? What are your “can’t miss” experiences?
  • When it comes to Scottish cuisine, my knowledge stops at haggis. Are there foods that I should make time for?

Those are the questions I know to ask. I assume there are some I don’t know to ask. I’m open to any and all advice, so please send it my way!

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