Coming Up with a New Chores Sheet

I’m starting to think that most problems in life can be solved with a simple Excel sheet. Well, maybe not *too* simple. I mean, I’m sure world hunger would require at least a few good pivot tables. But when it comes to keeping the house clean and making sure the workload is spread out? You don’t even need to make any charts with Excel.

Here’s the problem: Denisa was thinking the other day that we have two able-bodied children who are capable of doing a whole lot more around the house than they currently are. They’re not lazy, but they’re also very good at making messes. (As, I imagine, most children are.) The theory is that if they were in charge of certain rooms of the house, then perhaps they’d be a little less eager to mess those rooms up at the drop of a hat.

A guy can dream, folks.

So I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in the depths of Excel, charting out a plan that will repeat every week, making sure that it at least looks fair on the surface. Everybody gets chores they do each day of the week. These range from helping with dinner to vacuuming to sweeping to folding laundry. Some chores are shared–like emptying the dishwasher. DC can’t do the whole thing on her own, and TRC can fill in for what she can’t do.

Will this work? I have no idea. It’s a first draft. We’ll tweak as necessary. What does it look like? Something like this:

TRC DC Dad Mom
Monday Laundry Laundry Laundry Laundry
Table Dinner Declutter Sweep
Tuesday Dinner Table Declutter Bathroom
Wednesday Vacuum Sweep Declutter Vacuum
Table Sweep
Thursday Dust Counters Declutter Plants
Table Dinner
Friday Trash Table Declutter Sweep
Dinner Sweep Mop
Saturday Clean Room Clean Room Clean Room Clean Room
Always Living Room Entryway
Wood Kitchen
Dishwasher Dishwasher

2 thoughts on “Coming Up with a New Chores Sheet”

  1. I thought it might be a bit ambitious, too. However, one week in, 100% of the chores were done, and no complaining at all. The house is cleaner, and all is well. So far. We’ll see how long this lasts . . .

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