Contest Wrap-Up: Count Your Entries!

The contest is over! Thanks again to all who entered. I’ll be honest: there were a slew of entries, and I’ve lost count of who did what. So let’s make this easy on yours truly (because I could use a little ease right now). Could you please post here, on Facebook, Twitter, or email me? Just tell me the total number of entries you earned. I’ll take care of the rest. Once again–the winner gets to choose the names of the parents of my main character in THE MEMORY THIEF. And these aren’t just throwaway characters. They’ve got scenes, lines–they play important roles in the book.

Again–this VODNIK sale went beautifully, and I’m really grateful to all of you for the help you gave me. If there’s ever going to be anything like a sequel, it’s important to see some good sales numbers, and that’s just what this did. Great job! Now make sure you get credit for your hard work. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Contest Wrap-Up: Count Your Entries!”

  1. Farrah! You are our lucky winner! Thanks everyone again for playing–I’ll contact Farrah and find out what she wants for some names.

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