Crazy Hectic

Okay, I realize I haven’t been as good at updating this the past while as I should have been. My wife’s thesis is due to be turned in to her committee on Friday, and then we’re planning a trip to Maine to house hunt on Friday, too. I’ve just been swamped. My apologies. Unfortunately, this also means that my writing’s been suffering, too. I’m in the “trim down” stage of Lesana, but it’s going a lot more slowly than I’d like. Then again, I won’t be at my current address long, so maybe it would be good to wait to send anything out until I know what my Maine address will be. That’s a good excuse . . . er–Idea.

In a break from all the madness, I took a few minutes (okay, and hour) to watch an episode of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery channel. I’ve decided this guy is nuts–he purposefully jumped through weak ice in a frozen lake to show viewers what to do if that happened to them ever. So it’s insane–and yet I can’t look away. Give it a shot if you ever catch it while channel surfing. Always worth at least watching until and ad break, and maybe even flipping back later.

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