Decision Overload

I hit a wall yesterday. I got back from work, and I was just done. Done done done done done. I couldn’t think about anything. Couldn’t make decisions about anything. I just wanted to sit down and do nothing for the whole evening.

Which is what I ended up doing, really. Denisa deserves a gold star for being able to cover for me for the evening. I was completely useless.

The problem, of course, is that I have a lot of things still to do. A family vacation over Thanksgiving to plan, for one thing. Work emails to catch up on. Chores around the house to get tidied up. And instead of doing any of that, I just lay in bed and read.

It was like every time I thought about getting up to be useful, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I get like that every now and then, and thankfully it never lasts long, but it’s a real downer when it happens.

The good news is that things are better today. I’m tearing through my to do list and checking things off left and right. Usually that’s all it really takes me to get myself in gear: make up a really good list so that I have a handle on everything I need to do, and then work on getting some of the small things off that list. It doesn’t even matter what they are. As soon as I feel like I’m getting things done, my brain freeze seems to thaw, and I can function again.

But man. Speaking from recent experience, that overloaded feeling is a big ol’ bummer.

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