Farmington Fair on an Off Day

We had planned to go to the fair on Monday, as we usually do. Mondays they have ride bracelets, so the kids can ride as many rides as they want for one price. However, the rain had different plans. Monday wasn’t an option, so we had to reevaluate. We’ve gone Wednesday before (the other ride bracelet day), but it’s been such a bad experience: so, so, so many people. Huge lines. Just chaos.

So instead, we decided to go yesterday on my birthday. It was the first time we’ve tried going on a night that didn’t have ride bracelets. On the one hand, it was much more expensive per ride. I spent $40 on tickets, and each ride cost about $5. On the other hand, there was no one there. The place felt empty compared to all the other times we’ve been. That meant that there were no lines at all. The girls went on 5 rides total, and it took a fraction of the time.

Did they go on as many rides? No. Was the experience better? Yes. We managed to do everything we wanted to do and still be home by 7:30. Honestly, I’m leaning heavily toward only going on off nights in the future. It’s definitely better than a Wednesday. Debatably better than Monday. If you have kids who just want to go on a ton of rides, Monday might still make more sense.

We entered a bunch of different things in the fair as well. Denisa had some vegetables and herbs that won ribbons, Daniela won three first place ribbons for bracelets she’d made, MC cleaned up with crafts and paintings, and I won a ribbon for a leather-bound book I made for Daniela at Christmas.

All told, a successful fair experience, even on our 17th time going.

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