Got Skis?

Hello local skiers! I am not an avid skier myself. I go a few times a year, and I have a fun time focusing on not falling down, not running into anything, and not getting run into by anyone else. However, my family are ski fanatics. Denisa’s personal goal each year is to go skiing as many times in the season as humanly possible. Last year I think she got something like 342 days in somehow, though it might have been closer to 30. It’s hard to keep track.

In any case, I have been told that each year it’s advisable to wax your skis and sharpen their edges. Waxing (I’m led to believe) is for people who want to go even faster down the hill, no doubt to enable them to slam into me at a higher velocity, thereby increasing their fun quotient somehow. (Am I getting this right?) And skis need sharper edges (clearly) to make sure other skiers can slash out at everyone else on the hill, hopefully hamstringing someone as they speed by on their freshly waxed skis. (Skiing is a lot like Mario Kart, just with less bananas.)

Ski shops charge you a hefty sum of money to wax and sharpen skis. Something in the realm of $50, which leads me to believe they’re doing more than just rubbing candles on the ski bottoms. If you’ve got a family of skiers, $50 a pop adds up really quickly. Soon you’re paying about as much for the ski service as you are for a season lift ticket. (To a small mountain. Not one of them fancy pants resorts.)

Tomas, being the young entrepreneur that he’s always been, is able to recognize a high price when he sees one. He and a friend did a bit of back-of-the-napkin calculation, discovering that the cost of wax and sharpening tools is about as much as it takes to keep a hamster living in luxury for a month. (Which ain’t much. Hamsters have very frugal tastes, even when they’re allowed to run wild.) So they invested in those tools and set up a business to provide waxing and sharpening services to the public at large. It’s name? Wicked Waxers. They’ve even got a Facebook page up and running. They stand ready to get you waxier than an ogre’s ear canal, and sharper than my razor wit.

Which is just to say that if you’re looking to get your skis serviced this season, I know of a place that can do an excellent job for not $40, not $30, but $20 (that’s t-w-e-n-t-y) for the whole package. Although they have limited availability, since they can just do it once a week or so. That’s why they’re starting early this year. If you want your skis wicked shaaahp, then click on over to the Wicked Waxers.

(I tried to negotiate a cut of all their proceeds generated from this ad. They were not amused. I tried to finagle at least a payment for the plug. I was turned down. So I decided to write it anyway out of the goodness of my heart.)

Ski fast! (Just not into me. I’ll be the slow moving, lumbering hulk out there on the mountain, teetering on the edge of my kind of sharp skis, praying that I don’t hit anything in the next few seconds.)


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