Groundhog Limerick Finalists

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted. Snow days messed with my timetable a fair bit. However, I was really happy to see the excellent entries from this year’s contest. As I said before, I’m here today to post the top 5 entries, as judged by me. That was the plan, at least. But I didn’t anticipate there being as many great entries as there were, so I’m going to up that number to 10. My blog, my rules. (I eliminated 4. One of them was great, but pretty much taken from a well known limerick, one was mine, one person submitted 2 entries so I took the one I liked the most, and one of them had the word “Groundhog” ten times . . .)

Now you get to vote. I’ll open voting for a week, so any votes cast by Thursday 2/23 at midnight Eastern time will count. There’s only one way to vote: leave a comment here on this blog entry. It’ll be easy for you to tell who’s winning. One vote per person, though I will allow entries to cast multiple votes for each family member. (In other words, if there are 5 people in your family, you can let me know all the votes from your family when you submit your vote.) Voting campaigns aren’t just allowed. They’re encouraged. Next Friday, I’ll count up the winners and announce the lucky entry.

At stake is naming rights in my current TOP SECRET project, which I still can’t tell you about. I guess I’ll just have to leave you in suspense.

In any case, without further ado, here are the finalists:


This rodent from old Punxsutawney
Considers himself rather brawny
But I don’t agree
Between you and me
His heart and his brain are both scrawny


Once an old groundhog from PA
Snuck into the garden to pray
While there on a stump
He just thought of Trump
And gave up and moved to Bombay.


There’s an animal hogging the news
And casting shadows on views
It’s the groundhog, of course
Our annual source
Of featherbrained seasonal clues


When pulling me out of a log
Let’s hope there’s not much of a fog
Shadow, I may see
Lest you pay a fee
I’m February’s fat star hog


Here we are at the house of Bryce
To celebrate groundhog on ice
Hit by the big truck
Head off like a puck
This poem is not very nice.


Fateful day this groundhog delay
Groundhogs keep winter at bay
Blinded by the light
Of shadows in sight
For his shadow was seen at midday.


In days of old, when Grandpa Jack was not old,
And hunting laws were not invented,
The groundhog would die,
And on his stove they would fry,
And Jack’s stomach would be most contented.


My friend Phil that lives in a burrow
Comes out once a year to say hello.
What he saw means more cold,
Or so I am told.
So the next six weeks I’ll forego.


I recently started to worry
That if things don’t change in a hurry
We’ll be doomed to repeat
Sins we thought we had beat.
Just like that film with Bill Murray.


There once was a groundhog from Spain
Who stepped in a trap and had pain
His shadow he saw
Six more weeks for pa,
Unless it was starting to rain.

10 thoughts on “Groundhog Limerick Finalists”

  1. Number three is the best limerick. The others just didn’t stick. In my head the same way. That three did today. I hope that three is your pick.

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