Happy Birthday, Denisa!

Family-Session-(25-of-29)That’s right. Another year has come and gone for Denisa, though you’ll have to ask her how many that totals. I’m smarter than to blog about that.

How are we celebrating today?

I took the day off work and am home with MC while Denisa takes TRC and DC off skiing to Sugarloaf, where a friend got her a free ticket. They’ve never been skiing there before, and we’d thought about having us all go, but in the end decided that it would be more fun for her to actually be able to ski there, and not just go around slowly with the two unskilled skiers in the family.

(Judging by how I was last week, I put myself slightly below MC at this point.)

MC has decided she wants to watch Sleeping Beauty, so I’ve got that set up for her, and I need to crank this blog post out and then move on to writing and exercise. Quite an illustrious day off, I know. I’ve already mopped the floors and vacuumed. Be still my beating heart.

When she gets home, word on the street is that we’re having pie instead of cake.

But in any case, I hope she’s having a super day, and if you get a chance to wish her many happy returns, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

Happy Friday, all!

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