Happy Birthday, MC!!

It’s April, which means we’re coming up to Peak Birthday season in my house. Daniela starts things off in February, Denisa continues the streak in March, and then MC and Tomas have the one-two April knock out. (I’m the weird one who was born in September . . .)

MC had been looking forward to this birthday for quite some time, mainly because the way the school calendar fell, this one she’d be able to celebrate with her friends during the school day. (Our school has spring break around this time each year, and it usually means MC is on vacation for her birthday. That sounds like a great thing to me, but things look different to a six (or seven) year old.) Of course, instead of this being her most social birthday ever, it’s her least social. Go figure.

She was pretty down about that back when the school closed down, but these days it’s a distant memory for her, I think. (I’m certainly not going to remind her.) She seems to be doing really well with social distancing. Denisa has her Zooming in with friends periodically, she’s now working on Khan Academy for math, has blazed through all the books we have in the house, and is becoming quite the interior decorator on Animal Crossing. These days she loves playing Temple Run and Chuzzles, watching Disney movies, and putting together crafts of any and all sizes. She will happily sit in one spot and entertain herself for hours at a time with almost no supervision.

We’ll be celebrating by having a chocolate cake this evening and eating vegan mac and cheese. (Both by request of MC.) I’d tell you to wish her a happy birthday if you see her, but since that’s not likely, just wish it here, and I’ll pass along the message.

Happy birthday, MC!


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