House Cleaning and General Conference

So this past weekend was General Conference. For those “Mormon-Impaired” readers out there, General Conference is a twice a year meeting where church leaders (the prophet, the twelve apostles and the like) address the church as a whole. I can answer more specific questions about it if any of you would like, but I’m trying to keep this blog as preachy-free as possible. (Is preachy-free anything like peachy keen? Or squeaky clean? Because I’d like my blog to be all of the above, if possible. Maybe I should send out clean peaches to readers or something.)


General Conference consists of five two hour sessions. For those “Math-Impaired” readers out there, that’s ten hours. Six hours Saturday and four Sunday. Since I get satellite television, I can watch four of these sessions on BYU-TV, the fifth one (Priesthood Session) is only available at church buildings. But all us Mormon Men in the area got together early and ate a whole bunch of food, then watched conference. Food is an excellent bribe for just about anything.

Did this post have a point?

Oh yes. The fact of the matter is that I don’t do too well if I’m just plopped down and expected to Pay Attention for ten hours. In the past, I’ve taken this time to do other things with my hands. Make chain mail armor, or do counted cross-stitch. Anything that keeps me busy. But I was out of stuff to do this year. (Well, I’d planned on whittling, but other things beckoned). I ended up cleaning up my home office. It actually worked really well. I have a TV up there, and I could just sit and sort and listen and shred papers and listen some more. The whole thing got cleaned, and I learned a few things while I was at it. A very good weekend, all in all, even if it was far different from one of my typical weekends.

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