It’s a Crazy World We Live In

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldSo I just read this story about Google developing self-driving cars. Google. Self-driving cars. And this is for some reason news that’s relegated to an afterthought of a tech blog? Why am I not reading about this on CNN or Fox? A car that drives itself! And it’s already logged 140,000 miles, with the only accident being getting rear ended by another car. Am I the only one to think this sounds just too cool? I mean, I don’t know if I’d trust a computer to drive me on the freeway at 65mph, but I know I’d trust a computer a whole lot more than I trust some of the other drivers on the road.

And how crazy is it that Google of all companies is the one to be spearheading this? Wouldn’t you think an automobile company would be on top of this, instead? Oh yeah–they’re all bankrupt. Oh well–far be it for me to criticize who’s coming up with the new innovations. I’m just looking forward to being able to be driven down to Pennsylvania overnight. Cross country trips where you don’t need a hotel? You just sleep in your car and wake up to sight see in the next spot. Google, while you’re doing this, could you also please develop a flying car and a robot maid? Because I’d really like to live in the Jetsons world at last. Also, please send me a dog that talks and answers to the name “Astro.”

2 thoughts on “It’s a Crazy World We Live In”

  1. I heard about it on NPR, if that makes you feel any better. Did you know that the self-tying shoes from Back to the Future II have been patented and could feasibly be sold by 2015? Now we just need hovercars powered by trash in the next five years. If Google does that, I’ll be impressed.

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