I’ve Started a Library Blog

It’s official, folks. The new blog has begun. In between catching up on (most) emails and hauling chairs around the library today (20 new chairs arrived sort of unexpectedly, and it took a while to get them all sorted out, since the chairs they were replacing were going elsewhere in the building, and those chairs in turn were also going other places), I wrote the first post today, detailing what the blog is and what it will cover. For those of you interested, head on over to Browsing Room to check it out. I expect there will be some bleed over between my two blogs from time to time (mainly reviews I post here also getting posted there, for example), but fear not, faithful readers–I’ll still be blogging over here just as regularly as I have been. (Even more regularly, in fact, since I’m back from vacation now!) For now, I have 12 minutes left of work, and much more work than can be done in 12 minutes. Toodleoo!

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