Kitchen Update: March 2022

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting, wondering if my kitchen might possibly be finished, now that I’ve taken a break from blogging and am back. Surely this project that’s been going on since the Hoover administration is finally complete, right? Right?

Well . . . not quite. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we’ve made real progress. (Today, MC was home sick, so I was home “sick.” But that meant I was here to help out in the kitchen some more. So we got the backsplash set, and it’s now ready to be grouted tomorrow.) Last week, the countertops actually arrived. Getting them in the house was a bit of an ordeal, since the island was one solid piece, 4.5′ by 9′ of granite. It weighed a ton.

We’ve had some backtracking. We redid the cabinets around the fridge, since they hadn’t turned out quite straight, and we swapped a couple of other cabinets around to improve the layout of the kitchen. Some of the painting needs to be redone where a few other repairs went in, and the flooring that we’d already gotten done needed to be taken out and redone.

However, we’ve made a lot of progress as well. Now we’re really just looking at what needs to be done, which is a rapidly dwindling list:

  • Grout the backsplash
  • Finish the floor under the oven and dishwasher, and then attach the dishwasher to the cabinets.
  • Tweak the door to the bathroom, which ended up being a bit too narrow for the opening, since the barn door hardware leaves it too far out from the frame.
  • Put in the trim around the corners and edges of the ceiling and cabinets.
  • Put on the back piece and corner pieces for the island.
  • Paint the sunroom.
  • Make seat cushions for the seats in the sunroom.
  • Finish the trim to the family room.
  • Finish the trim around the outside of the door to the garage.

While that may seem like a lot, many of those jobs are a half hour or less, and none of them should be longer than a few hours to complete. (Well, other than the painting. Sigh.) But as far as construction goes, we are really close.

Which is great, since as soon as that’s done, we can actually clean the rest of the house.

And start on the main bathroom. Bathrooms are much simpler renovations though, right?


Have no fear: I will be posting pictures once the kitchen is up to it.


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