Last Day of School: 2020 Edition

Yes, it’s the last day of school today, about two or three weeks before it would normally come around, and yet somehow feeling like it’s about two and a half months after the last day of school actually happened this year. In fact, MC didn’t really believe me today when I told her that school was officially over after today.

So what will a post-school quarantine life look like in comparison with what we’ve experienced already? Honestly, I’m not all that sure. Typically the kids’ summers are full of camps and activities. This year? None of that is happening. We need to have some sort of structure. Tomas has applied for jobs (no word back on that yet). Other than that . . . We’ve always got those 150 movies to watch, I guess.

Up until this year, I’ve always used one event as my measuring stick for “stuck at home with nothing to do.” It was the ice storm of 1994, where we got about an inch of ice. The whole area ran out of salt for the roads, and we had no school for quite some time. I think I always told people we only had around 10 days of school the entire month of January. It was the winter I learned how to juggle, because why not?

So up until COVID-19, that was always my tried and true story to break out whenever the kids had school canceled for a particularly long stretch. I was a sophomore in high school, and I still remember it all very well.

Tomas is a sophomore in high school. So now he’s got a permanent “you think that’s bad?” story to tell anyone he might have to about canceled school. (Him along with all the youth of the world right now, pretty much.) Daniela’s in sixth grade. I’m sure she’ll remember this well. MC in first grade? It’s pretty hard not to remember this. I still have some recollections of first grade, and none of them involved a pandemic.

So this experience is changing who our children are. It’s definitely affecting an entire generation. I wonder what things will be like in a year or two once this is behind us, but I also wonder how it’s changing the future, when the current generation grows up and becomes more and more in charge of things.

So that’s where my mind is at the moment. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!


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