Let the Madness Begin!

Okay peoples. It’s March Madness time, and that means the annual contest on my blog is up and running. Click on over to make your entry. As always, there’s a fabulous prize on the  line. Up this year? I want to make something special. I’m tired of promising scenes in books or character names. I’m going to put the winner in my next published acknowledgements page.

Got that?

You win this time, and your name is going in the acknowledgements page of the next book of mine to be professionally published. Not only that, but I’ll publicly state how you are better than me when it comes to picking brackets. (Unless I win it all myself, in which case I will acknowledge the runner up, but note that I’m just a bit better at it than they are.)

Sound like a deal? Your name. In print. With me explaining how you’re better than I am.

It doesn’t get better than that, people.

To enter, click here. The group name is Bryce’s Ramblings. The password is vodnik. Enter by this Thursday when the brackets close. Don’t forget!

May the picks be ever in your favor.

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