Lunar Eclipsing with the Fam

A bit more tired today than on a usual Monday. Staying up later with excited kids can do that to a guy. However, there are way too many times when these eclipses come along, and the sky’s covered in clouds, or I forget about it entirely, or something comes up and we miss it.

This time, DC and TRC both came home from school on Friday, brimming with excitement about the eclipse. Their teachers had really hyped it up as something they shouldn’t miss, so they were very excited when Denisa and I confirmed we’d be watching it. Excited enough that they even took naps during the day on Sunday so that they could stay up late for the big event.

I’ll have to admit: I wasn’t too impressed at first I’d heard it was supposed to start around 8:10 or so, and so I watched and watched and saw a whole lot of nothing happening. Once it kicked into gear, though, it was well worth the wait. I don’t remember watching one like that before.

The kids had a blast. We had the telescope out, and I kept it tracked on the moon throughout the evening. DC said it was the “Best Day Ever,” though to be honest, she tends to say that a lot. It’s code for “I’m having a really fun time.” So that’s good. TRC became really contemplative about the moon and how big everything is.

Anyway. Glad we had a chance to catch it, and it was fun following along on Facebook as I saw so many other people doing the same thing. And look! The “Blood Moon” has come and gone, and the world hasn’t exploded.

Good job, world! I’m proud of you.

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