Mask Recommendations?

Now that I’m wearing a mask more frequently, the fogging is really getting to me. I know what to do when it’s bad: tuck the mask up underneath my glasses as close to my eyeballs as possible. That shoots my breath far enough away from my mask that it bypasses my glasses, but it’s far from comfortable, and it has the tendency of making my glasses want to fall off all the time.

So I can either have fog-free glasses that keep falling off my face every time I try to look down, or I can have glasses that stay on my face but are so foggy I can’t see through them.

Not exactly my favorite set of choices.

Of course, some of this depends on the mask, as well. I’ve got some from Target, some from the Gap, and some that Denisa made me. Some of them have a tendency to want to come off my face the more I talk, so that’s a problem as well. There just hasn’t been one mask that stands out against all of them.

So I’m turning to you, fellow glasses wearers of the world. Do you have a mask that’s really worked well for you? Any hot tips to make this all easier? I’d love to get some different masks that work better consistently.


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