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When I graduated with my Masters in Library Science, getting a job was difficult. I applied to 50 places in the space of a few months, and almost all of those came back with a decided “no.” When I took the job of Information Technology Librarian at the University of Maine at Farmington, I didn’t really have an idea of what it would entail. I just knew it took two different things I was good at (tech and libraries) and jammed them together. I had an office right on the main floor of the library, and I spent most of my time keeping all the computers in the library in working order, and wrangling the web page.

I actually only ended up in that role for a little over a year (though looking back on it, it feels much longer). My supervisor left the university, and after a few bumps in the road, I was promoted to her position. (Library Information Services Manager, if you’re playing along at home.) With the job move, I moved up to the third floor. I didn’t imagine I’d move again any time soon. And yet, five and a half years later there was another big disruption in the library. When the dust settled, I had a new title (Manager of Instructional and Research Services). I also moved back to my old office on the main floor.

When I became Library Director three years later, I kept the same office. No real need to move it, as I’d already been doing most of what I’d be doing as director. I’ve been the director for over six years now, and once again, I’m moving my office. (No job title change this time, though. Four jobs at the same library is enough, I think.)

Back in 2020, we expanded our Makerspace, and we’re still in the process of getting it more established and well-known in the community. As part of that effort, we’re moving a staff person over to directly supervise it as one of their main job duties. (I’ve been supervising it sort of by accident since it started, thanks in no small part to COVID.) My old office was right next to it, so that was the logical place to have the staff person move.

So if you’re on campus and looking for me, just ask at the front desk and they’ll tell you how to find me. I’m tucked away on the second floor now, though hopefully I’ll return to the main floor in the not-too-distant future.

Actually moving the office has proven to be a bit of a pain. I’m a stuff magnet. Leave me for nine years in one room, and there’s going to be a fair bit of stuff that accumulates around me in that time. It involved a fair bit of ferrying things back and forth, which is fine, but also sorting through memories, which is often something I’d just rather not do. The good news is it’s all done for now, and my hope is that when I move the next time, I’ll have enough time to sort through everything properly, and only bring the things I really want to hold on to.

What do you suppose the odds of that are?

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  1. Well… I was in the same office at UMF for 33 years. There is NEVER enough time to sort through memories…

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