Music Appreciation

I’m on carpool duty for early morning seminary this month, and I realized this morning what a position of power that puts me in, I’ve got three fourteen year olds in the car, trapped for a good ten minutes’ drive each morning, and all of them are way too tired to object to whatever music I decide to play.

Complete control, people.

And you better believe I’m not playing any of that newfangled music that’s been made in the last decade or so. No, for the first few times, I just had my phone play all of my music on shuffle, but I decided that was too sporadic. (Especially when I heard rumors that some in the car might think my taste in music left something to be desired . . . )

This morning, I set it to shuffle music from the 70s. We had some Yes, a bit of Jim Croce, and The Cars. (I took pity on my passengers and skipped The Carpenters, but I might reconsider that for a future trip.) Even then, I felt like it was all too sporadic. How in the world can they get proper appreciation for that music if they’re hopping around like that?

So I’ve decided to take a different approach. Each morning, it’ll be a different group. My taste is very eclectic, so one day it might be Beethoven. The next day it might be The Cure, followed by No Doubt.

I’m with these kids as their ride, every other month, for the next four years. Imagine the sort of impact I can have on their musical tastes over that time. They might not appreciate it that early each morning, but sometimes it takes someone to sit people down and really show them that friends don’t let friends just listen to . . . Taylor Swift? What are all the new kids listening to these days? (New Kids on the Block! I could do that for a day . . . )

Whatever keeps me awake and entertained as I drive each morning . . .


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2 thoughts on “Music Appreciation”

  1. I totally agree. She’s actually got my favorite voice, all-time, and I’m not kidding. (I could listen to Carpenter’s Christmas album for days . . . after Thanksgiving, of course.)

    But I figured it would be a bit too much for their minds that early, without some prep. There will be a Carpenters day. No worries. 🙂

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