My Daughter Turns 5

Hard to believe this little girl is already five. She’s been so excited for this birthday, she’s been talking about it for months and months, and she couldn’t sleep at all last night. I have to say, having a girl has been such a different experience than having a boy. TRC was all about trucks and space ships and explosions. DC? Fashion accessories. For her birthday, she wants her “ears peered.” Something she and Denisa are going to go do tomorrow during the day. Not that TRC hasn’t made his influence known. DC also wants a bike or a scooter (she’s getting a scooter).

Interesting things about my daughter:

  • She’s extraordinarily tall. Like almost 50 inches. Just for kicks, I checked out the growth charts. 50 inches is the average height of an 8 year old. The girl is 5. 99th percentile for her ages is just under 46 inches.
  • She loves her hair, but hates to have it styled. For a girl as crazy about accessories as she is, you’d figure she’d be all over that kind of stuff. But she can’t stand combs or brushes. Too many tangles.
  • The girl is notoriously slow. Just sayin’ it like it is. Denisa’s dad would say about Denisa at her age “She has two speeds: slow and stopped.” The same goes for DC. Not always, but she’s got time to grow into that slowness.
  • She’s a regular dare devil. She loves to be scared, although only after the fact. The actual scaring part is something she could do without.
  • She likes to pose for pictures. This typically involves doing something with her arms and–preferably–her fingers. I have no idea where she gets this from.
  • She loves to dance. It’s mainly interpretive dance at this point. The more twirls, the better.
  • She demands EQUALITY in everything we do. If TRC gets to do something, she should get to do it. If parents can do something, why not her?
  • She regularly plans out all the upcoming holidays and family events, just to keep tabs on them. Very much a party planner.
She’s adorable, and we’re very proud of her. Happy birthday, DC!!!

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