New Glasses

As yet another piece of evidence that yes, indeed, I’m getting older, I ordered my first pair of bifocals last week. Well, they’re not actually bifocals. They’re “progressives,” which means “bifocals, except they don’t look like bifocals. (I debated refusing to order progressives and demanding I be allowed to order conservatives, instead, but something told me people wouldn’t get the joke.)

The bottom line is that I’m tired of having to take off my glasses to look at anything close up. This should hopefully help with that.

As I was looking at new frames, one thing that was important to me was to find some that would stay on my face, even with wearing a mask. The ones I have now have always struggled with that, to the point that I ended up buying little rubber hook things that fit over my ears and make sure the glasses stay put. When I was ordering this time, I decided to do some research online before I made the order. I’m surprised I hadn’t done this earlier, since that’s right up my alley.

What did I find out? Well for one thing, that I could have just changed the angle of the earpieces of my current glasses to fix the problem. I hadn’t realized that was possible, so I’ve been walking around with poorly-fitting glasses for two years, when I could have solved it with about ten minutes of effort. Though I also found out that my glasses are a bit small for my face, so I’ve ordered larger ones.

The big takeaway? Never make assumptions about The Way Things Are. It’s always worth it to take some time and investigate why things are the way they are, and if there’s something you can do to change it. The hiccup, of course, is sometimes it’s hard to recognize you’re making assumptions. Like, would I ever want to research if gravity really has to be in effect all the time? Probably not. But when you make those assumptions, it’s difficult to know if the assumptions are justified or not.

In any case, my new glasses should be here in a week or two. I went with thinner frames this time. Mixing things up a bit. But if I’ve been progressive before, just imagine how progressive I’ll be now. Is the world ready?


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