New Spice: BYU’s Library Spot

The Old Spice towel guy seems to be all the rage these days, and BYU’s library has jumped on the bandwagon.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, I used to work at the Harold B Lee Library–BYU’s library. I was in the periodicals department (it’s the room shown in the movie where the guy gets out of the elevator). It was my first experience with working in a library, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually, the only reason I thought about getting that job was because my sister was already employed there, and she really liked it. So in all likelihood, I would be in a different profession these days–and a different state–if it weren’t for my tendency to try and cash in on a little nepotism. (Not that my sister was in charge of hiring at all, but it helps to have someone put in a good word for you.) (Another side note: this is just another example of something I firmly believe in. There are no coincidences. Too many life-altering things have happened to me because of seemingly inconsequential decisions. If you believe in God and believe in prophecy (which I do), I don’t think you can believe in coincidence. But that’s a topic for a weightier post. Back to frivolity.)

Anyway, when I heard BYU had done an Old Spice parody video, I was hesitant to watch it, thinking it would be a lame shadow of the clever ads. But there isn’t anything lame about it, in my opinion. Full of Win.  BYU makes a lot of effort to keep its students involved in the library (as you can tell from the video production values).

What do you think? Am I just biased because I used to work there?

5 thoughts on “New Spice: BYU’s Library Spot”

  1. Ah, good memories of working at that library together. Between that and having the same major, we got to spend a lot of quality time together, and I miss that. Pesky moving to Maine. 🙂

    LOVE the commercial – they really did a great job with that!

  2. Find Will an HR job and I would be sorely tempted. Even with the lovely new paint and laminate on the main floor of my house…

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