LinkedIn Surveys

Six Degrees of SeparationI have no idea how I got on the magic list, but somehow, LinkedIn has started asking my input for surveys. Typically I’m not a big survey taker. They’re kind of a pain, and sometimes they take longer than I want them to. However, I’m always very excited when LinkedIn sends me an invite to a survey. Why? Because they give me a $15 gift certificate to Amazon or a $15 PayPal deposit when I finish the survey. I’ve done this twice so far, giving me a grand total of $30. Nice.

How can you get on the magic list? Well, I’m not sure. Step one would definitely be to join LinkedIn. (Add me as a contact. We’ll be business buddies!) Step two would be to be a manager in an IT-related position, which I am. Both surveys have been IT focused, but perhaps professionals in other fields are being asked for their input on other survey–anyone out there know? Anyway, step three was to sit back and do nothing, until LinkedIn contacted me one day to see if I was interested in making money for doing 5-10 minute surveys. Essentially $180 an hour, so I can tell you what I think?

I’m in.

Do any of you do these surveys, too? Any other tips for how people can get in on them? And how do you use LinkedIn? To me, it’s just this place that I seldom go. It seems like a lot of business-oriented people are on there. Kind of stuffy for my tastes, but maybe I just don’t “get it.” Anyone care to enlighten me?

And again, bonus points to you if you figure out the connection between the picture and the post.

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