NyQuil Coma

One of the advantages of being older is that you know how your body works a lot better than you do when you’re younger. When I was in high school, I was on antihistamines for a while for a bad cold/flu or something. The whole time, I was really tired and just out of it, but I never thought to pause and figure out what the thing was that was making me so different. It took my mom wondering what was up with me to make me pay attention and figure out it was an allergic reaction to the antihistamines.

Ever since then, I try to avoid antihistamines altogether. If I take them, I’m almost guaranteed to be out of it for the next 24 hours. Dizzy. Tired. Loopy. You’d think I’d never take them, then. But the fact is, when I’m sick enough, it becomes a decision of whether I’d rather be dizzy, tired, and loopy for 24 hours or unable to sleep and miserable for the same time period.

If I’m sick enough, I go with dizzy, tired, and loopy.

So last night I broke out the nighttime gel caps, and today . . . I’m out of it, as expected. However, two nights ago I woke up every 2 hours with a splitting headache. Last night? I woke up briefly once. It’s hard to get better if you can’t sleep well. So here we are.

I’m hoping to avoid taking them again tonight. Maybe in a few hours they’ll wear off, and we’ll see what I actually feel like. Until then, I’m just going to lie in bed and watch the room spin.

Have a good Tuesday, folks.

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