On Turning 40

I’m not typically someone who gets upset with birthdays. In fact, I usually look forward to them. It’s like leveling up in video games, but in real life! Except in video games, when you gain a significant level (like, say, 40), it’s typically accompanied by a whole new range of abilities.

So far, the closest thing I can see to “new abilities” that I’ve gained is the ability to have aches in parts of my body that never ached before. Or for my eyesight to be getting worse. Though I’m getting better at falling asleep in random places, and that’s pretty close to a super power, so maybe that’s what I have to look forward to.

In any case, this birthday hasn’t quite left me as unruffled as the others. Turning 40 feels different. It’s pretty much impossible to pass myself off as one of the young crowd now. I’m 40. Younger than some, for sure, but not even close to anyone in their 20s still. (Though as always, the age that seemed “old” back when I was younger never feels “old” when I get there myself.)

I’ve been shorter tempered for the last few weeks. Broodier. Some of that might be because I’ve been very busy, but each time, I ask myself if it’s because of the age I’m turning. I haven’t been able to immediately dismiss the idea as preposterous, which shows there must be at least a bit of truth to it. Ah well. It happens.

Thanks in advance to everyone for the well wishes. If nothing else, Facebook does a great job of making you feel remembered on your birthday.

I’m having some friends over in the evening. My mom’s up from Pennsylvania, and we’ll go out and do something fun tomorrow. If you want to get me anything for my birthday, leave a nice review of one of my books on Amazon or Goodreads (assuming you actually liked it), or don’t leave one (assuming you didn’t like it). I’m up in Bangor at a library meeting during the day. The illustrious, exciting life of a 40 year old librarian.

Thanks to all of you who keep track of the blog and my life in general. I do appreciate you.


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