Permission to Complain

There are so many different things I could be blogging about today. Riots. Racism. Pandemic. Economic unrest. A big part of me feels like I should be speaking out about each of them. Some of them I’ve spoken out about at length already. Some of them I haven’t.

But the sad fact is that my tank is pretty much empty at the moment. I don’t have the energy to write up a post that does any single one of those topics justice, let alone put up with the ensuing drama that might potentially unfold on my Facebook wall because of it.

(I also don’t have it in me to detail just how I’m feeling and why. Here’s hoping things look brighter on Monday. (I keep thinking that will be the case. I’ve been wrong a whole lot lately though . . .))

A lot of the things weighing me down right now are fairly small in comparison with the huge things troubling our country and so many people in it. I’ve been stuck inside a lot. It’s hard. I don’t like it. At the moment, even little things can really throw me for a loop. It’s hot. It’s clammy. I have too many Zoom meetings.

Each one of those problems feel small enough that I really shouldn’t complain about them, and that’s something I’ve heard echoed across my social media pages. People feel bad, and they feel bad for feeling bad, because other people have it worse. But you know what? I’m sure for my entire life, there has always been someone out there who has had it much worse than I’ve had it. If the only person allowed to complain were the person who had the worst life on the planet, no one you know would ever be allowed to complain.

Feeling bad isn’t a competition. We’re allowed to feel bad even if other people have it worse. I would generally refrain from complaining to people who have it worse, but other than that? I think some complaining now and then is a-okay. Not that we need to wallow in sorrow, but it’s okay to feel.

So consider this post a “complaining allowed” zone. Feel free to complain about anything. No judging here. If you feel bad about it, and it’s causing you some mental baggage, unload it. It’s the weekend, after all. Maybe unloading some troubles will help.


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