Quick Thoughts on Progressive Glasses

My new glasses came yesterday! There was much rejoicing, for values of “rejoicing” that are “mild relief.” I was surprised by how light the frames are that I bought, and (more importantly) I was very happy to see how effective the progressive lenses are.

Ahead of time, I did some research into ordering different kinds of lenses, and from what I read, progressives are an area where it’s worth it to pay some more money for them. For me, glasses are how I view everything in the world, every day. I spend a lot of money on a nice home theater setup, so why in the world would I skimp on the equipment I need to be able to appreciate that setup? That said, I also am not a fan of buying glasses at the eye doctor’s. My experience with that has been much less than good. I feel like I have to make a decision right away, and it’s always (always) felt like I was paying too much.

So I went with Eyebuydirect again, the site I’ve used multiple times to order glasses. I went ahead and bought the highest of the high end lenses, because once I’m already paying for nice glasses, I might as well get the really nice ones. So these are super thin, with all sorts of coatings, and the premium progressive version. (This supposedly makes it so that there’s more usable viewing area.) In total, they set me back about $300, but I also bought prescription sunglasses, and because they were running a buy one get one half off, I ended up paying a bit over $400 for both pairs of glasses.

Now that I’ve been using the glasses for a little, I’ve already been very impressed at how well they work. I’ve gotten so used to having to take my glasses off to see anything close up, but I hadn’t realized just how hard it had been to see things at that distance with my glasses on. When I first tried to read something, it felt like I suddenly had magnifying lenses for my eyes. It’s fantastic.

Yes, it’s a bit disconcerting to see things a little blurrier far away if I’m looking down (if that makes sense), but it’s not very hard to train yourself to not do that. You just move your head more instead of just your eyes. No biggie. Better yet, the glasses look totally normal, so I don’t feel too much like an old fogey. I’m a progressive fogey, I’ll have you know!

The glasses look good on me (I think), so the “try the glasses on virtually” system on Eyebuydirect worked as well. All told, a good upgrade. Now when I draft Magic the Gathering cards, I won’t have to squint quite so much . . .


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