All it takes is for my wife to get sick, and suddenly life becomes a less fun place to live. Of course, some of this might be because I think I’m getting sick as well (headache, gunk in throat–all that fun stuff you’d rather I didn’t post about. Though I guess I just did.) But still, when all at once I’m expected not just to work, mow the lawn, and stack the wood but ALSO make dinner and clean up, take care of the kids and my wife–that can be quite the strain. Not that I’m complaining. (Well, I am–but more about me being sick than anything else). I just want her to get feeling better.

In other news, I got a raise today. This will make my pocketbook that much happier, and I keep staring at the paycheck to remind myself how great it’s going to be. Not that the raise was hugungous, but believe you me, it’s gonna help.

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