Want some? ‘Cause I got plenty. I’m willing to sell it to you for the low cost of 5 cents per pound, plus shipping and handling. Believe me, it’s the handling that’s gonna cost ya. Shovel shovel shovel shovel. And it’s still snowing. People around here tell me that they haven’t seen this kind of snow in years. When you have a conversation with someone about whether or not your roofs are going to hold out, then you can safely say that you have a lot of snow.

And still no baby.

3 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. I am sensing
    You don’t have a snow blower?
    Sounds like there’s lots of snow everywhere.
    Not here.
    We’re in the 60’s
    Nice, blue sky.
    Feel the joy.

  2. ahoj bryce….
    neviem po anglicky ale rad by som si to precital…pises zaujimavo…..lasky-milos
    gratulujeme k danielke….

  3. ok, now THAT’S funny
    No wonder the Maine economy suffers so, and here I thought it was our increasingly geriatric population! We just haven’t been marketing I biggest asset, the SNOW! You take the orders, we’ll help you ship it!
    Oh, and in your attempt at “wicked good”, nice try, but not quite right following a “the end product”. It’s a riot though, we appreciate your effort, and I’d love to read your book!

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