So Long, Angel. Hello, Starbuck! Battlestar Galactica Begins

Battlestar GalacticaDenisa and I have put Angel into cold storage for the time being, moving on to something less broody. I’d heard wonderful things about Battlestar Galactica, and it’s on streaming in HD through Netflix, so I figured we’d give it a shot. Denisa did have to be persuaded some that she wanted to watch it, but I had to do some persuading back with Buffy at the beginning, too. I’m a good persuader. We’re eight episodes in now, and loving it. In fact, the two parter focused on Starbuck–her getting stranded on that moon and her coming clean with her involvement in her fiancee’s death–was some of the best television I’ve watched in a long time. Really well done. If the whole series can keep that up, I’ll be ecstatic. If it can keep even half of it up, I’ll still be very pleased. Fans of the show–what can I expect ahead? (NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!)

When I was in Utah this past summer, I had the chance to play the board game version of the TV show (linked from the picture above). I really enjoyed it, and I’ve been even more surprised to find out how well the board game captures the feel of the show. (For those of you who don’t know, the premise of BSG is that robotic cyborgs have all but destroyed humanity. They look and feel human, and they’re hell-bent on finishing their master plan, whatever that is. Humanity’s reduced to a small fleet running for its lives. Some members of that small fleet are cyborgs. They know that, but they have no idea who is and who isn’t. Very paranoid, and full of cool.) Anyway, I’m liking the board game even more in retrospect. I might have to go and purchase it, if I can find three or four local people willing to learn the rules and play it. It’s definitely on the more extreme end of the board game rule spectrum, although I was playing it with expansions added already. Actually, if you all could just go ahead and buy that game for me, that would be great. Click the ad, buy it from Amazon, send it to me. 🙂  I wonder if I could ever get to the point where I review things that people send me for free. That would be awesome.

In any case, that’s all the time I have for today. I’m off to a meeting in Portland.

3 thoughts on “So Long, Angel. Hello, Starbuck! Battlestar Galactica Begins”

  1. Hope you enjoy – look forward to hearing your thoughts. A friend of mine recently finished BSG so it has been interesting to hear the reaction of someone who’s watched it all thr way through at once rather than over several years.

  2. Well, we were absolutely hooked in the first few seasons then dropped it. We’re still meaning to rent the last season to see how they finally resolved it.

    I firmly believe that if you’re going to create an epic series like BSG or Lost, you’ve got to know the end from the very beginning so you don’t get lost in the middle. I think it can be almost a detriment when the show gets too successful too soon because then everyone wants to milk it as long as possible and they screw up the story doing it!

  3. That’s why I love streaming so much–no need to wait for renting seasons a disc at a time. I watched Veronica Mars that way, and while I liked it, I like the immediacy of streaming much more. Denisa and I have been watching two episodes a night, and that works quite well for us. It’s just an hour and twenty minutes, since there’s no commercials. Love me my Netflix.

    And yes, I’m also interested to see how it does in the middle. I can’t imagine how I would approach a book if I knew the beginning and the end, but had to pad the middle for as long as I could keep it going.

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