Some Wicked Cool Google Tricks

I was talking to Denisa the other day, and she’d asked me to search something online and was then watching as I searched it. (That’s right, people–I’m so good at searching, it’s a spectator sport!) I did a couple of things with Google that she didn’t know you could do, and so I thought I might write up a quick blog post detailing some of the lesser-known Google tricks you might be missing out on. Things that can make your life simpler, because as long as they’re reading all your emails, you might as well be getting something out of the process in return. Ready? Here we go:

  • Check on your flight status–All you need to do to check your flight status is google the airline and flight number–nothing more. It automagically understands what you’re looking for, and it gives you the results right away. No need to go to the individual airline page. Quick. Simple.
  • Currency conversion–Want to know how many Euros your $100 is going to get you? No need to search for a currency converter. Just type “$100 in Euro” into Google (no need for quotes), and you’ll know.  75.43. How about 100 Turkish Lira into British pounds? “100 lira in pounds” Bam! 31.48
  • Conversions–It actually works with all sorts of other conversions, too. C into T? Miles into kilometers? Ounces to liters? It’s all just a Google away.
  • Definitions–search for “define _______” where the blank is the word you want to define. No need for quotes. You’ll be taken to a results page that has the word, the pronunciation, the option to translate it into other languages–even the history of the word. Ain’t life grand?
  • Do math–Because math is hard. Just type in your fancypants equation and you’re good to go. (5.96*72+sin(83))/4.65? It’s 92.4921213895, people. Any idiot knows that, right?
  • Track your packages–Just google the package tracking number. No need to list the carrier–Google automagically recognizes it. Awesome.
  • Search by picture–Drag a pic into Google’s search bar. It’ll find similar pics and any information about it it can. If you’re on a phone, snap a picture with Gooogle Search–it’ll do the same thing. It’s like awesome-concentrate.

Want even more suggestions and tips? Google has a slew of them. Check ’em out! And don’t say I never did anything nice for you . . .

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