Split Decisions: Too Much Time and So Little To Do (Strike That–Reverse It)

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The Utah trip soldiers forward. All the fam is still healthy and relatively happy, which is great. While there are a lot of things about Utah that I don’t love, I certainly have a lot of family and friends out here, which leads me to today’s topic. Even being here for 16 days, I’m not able to see everyone I wish I could see, let alone spend the amount of time with everyone that I wish I could spend. Even today, I’ve got two competing family reunions at the same time. No way to do both, so I have to pick one and stick with it.

I’m not a huge fan of casual acquaintances. The friends that I have are people I like to spend time with–lots of time. Board game time. Movie time. Eating time. I really don’t like the feeling of dropping by for a brief visit and then zooming off to the next appointment–it feels too much like business, if that makes sense. And yet because I have a finite amount of time while I’m out here, that’s what a lot of my visits feel like they turn into.

I’ve thought about switching things up–doing something where I tell people where I am, and if they want to come see me, they can. But then again, that’s pretty much what happened at my sister’s wedding reception the other night. I saw tons and tons of people I love and would love to talk to and spend time with, and I didn’t spend more than 15 minutes with any of them.

Not cool.

I know there are worse problems to have, and I didn’t intend this post to be a “Woe is me–I’m so popular!” sort of thing. But this blog is where I go to express some of my frustrations now and then, so you get the chance to read all about it.

Anyway. In about an hour I’m off to the next family reunion. First time I’ll have been with all my siblings on this side of the family in 22 years. High time, and a year in the planning. Hopefully it goes well. We’ll be going to the Oakley Rodeo tonight, and then various sites around the mountains and Provo over the next few days. I already took TRC and DC up to Timpanogos Cave with one sister and her fam this morning. Had a smashing time.

I suppose in the end what I need to do is just enjoy the time I have with the people I can squeeze in, and do my best not to worry about all the missed opportunities I had to pass up. Glass is half full vs half empty, and all that inspirational stuff. Either which way, if I didn’t get to see you yet–or didn’t get to see enough of you–know that I’m sorry my time isn’t more plentiful.

And you can always visit me in Maine. 🙂

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