Television Review: The Good Place: Season One

I had heard a bit about The Good Place, all of it positive, but there are so many things to watch these days, and time is in short supply. However, Denisa and I had just finished watching a series, and I’d just seen Ted Danson nominated for an Emmy for his work on the show, so when it popped up on Netflix, we decided to give it a shot.

If you don’t know, the premise is that a decidedly less-than-good person (Kristen Bell) ends up in heaven by mistake. (Heaven, in this case, is people almost solely by folks who were all extremely good. Like, saved millions of lives, found the cure for cancer, etc.) She has to try to pretend to be good, so that no one catches on to the fact that she really should have ended up in the Bad Place, instead.

It’s a fast paced comedy, with short episodes and an actual big overarching story arc. It’s also fairly clean, with no bad language or nudity, though there are some adult-oriented jokes now and then. (Well, I suppose there’s technically bad language, but you’re not able to swear in heaven, so it all gets turned into something else. “Fork,” “Shirt,” etc.) Denisa and I blazed through the first season, often watching more than we had time to watch, which is always a surefire sign that the show is great. It’s inventive, unpredictable, and quirky.

Overall, I think I’d give the season a 9/10. There were a few parts where it might have dragged a little, but all in all, it was a fantastic 13 episodes. I can’t wait to watch the second season and see where they take it next. If you’re looking for some lighthearted fun, I encourage you to give it a shot.


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