The Best Nit Removal

As much as I don’t want to write about lice anymore, today I’m headed to Boston to go to the temple with TRC (his first time doing baptisms for the dead (more on that Monday)), so I’m short on time for blogging. However, I did want to pass on a bit of wisdom my sister shared with me when it comes to dealing with lice.

Like most people, our first instinct had been to go to the store and buy the lice removal kits. Shampoo. Comb. All in one, ready for you to use. Except it didn’t seem like that really worked. MC still had lice after we used it on her, for example. And the comb was awful. My kids’ hair was too thick to deal with it.

That’s where the Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb comes in. Not only does it have a name that makes you feel like you’re wishing for something out of A Christmas Story (it’s got a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time), but it really, honestly, is awesome.

Denisa and I had been coming through the kids hair closely already. We thought we’d been getting most of what was in there. But I paid extra for one day shipping on that comb (because lice), and when it arrived and we used it for the first time, we were amazed. It takes out lice and nits like nothing, and it manages to go through even the thickest of hair (DC’s) with ease.

So if you ever find yourself in my situation, remember back on this blog post, and buy yourself one of these. Amazing. I went from feeling like I was fighting a losing battle to feeling like I could definitely handle things.

Check it out.

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