The Groundhog Limerick Winner

And here we are at the end of the contest. I didn’t push it quite as hard this time as I did before. Too many other balls in the air at the moment, and often when I have to choose which ball to drop, the blog takes one for the team. But after all the votes have been cast and the dust has settled, the winner is . . .


Once an old groundhog from PA
Snuck into the garden to pray
While there on a stump
He just thought of Trump
And gave up and moved to Bombay.

Let’s face it, people. Trump has invaded pretty much every part of our lives. Even my groundhog limerick contest. You can get a lot of votes by drumming up the anti-Trump crowd, it seems. 🙂

In second place, we had #9:

I recently started to worry
That if things don’t change in a hurry
We’ll be doomed to repeat
Sins we thought we had beat.
Just like that film with Bill Murray.

and #3 came in third:

There’s an animal hogging the news
And casting shadows on views
It’s the groundhog, of course
Our annual source
Of featherbrained seasonal clues

I have to admit that my personal favorite is #3. It was on point, and all about the groundhog. But my opinion doesn’t matter in this case. The people have spoken! And I’m actually pretty at peace with this winner, because it’s the same winner as the Groundhog Haiku from years ago. She got her name in a book that has yet to be published, so I’ve always felt kind of bad about that, as far as prizes go. Now she can have her name in a second book.

Here’s hoping it might get published . . .

Thanks to everyone for playing along. There were some great entries this year. Go groundhogs!!!

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