The Latest Birthday Music Video: Pandemic Edition

I’ve traditionally made a music video for my mom each year for her birthday. (Though as I was looking back at this, it appears I took the last two years off. I blame being busy, but if I managed to do it this year in spite of the pandemic and everything else going on . . . it was probably more me being lazy? I don’t know. I can’t remember why we skipped a few years. EDIT: Wait! I remember. One year I worked on digitizing all the old home movies we had. That was the present. The other year might still be laziness, but I can’t prove or disprove that . . .)

In any case, it’s been fun to do these, and it’s even more fun to look back at all of them to see how they turned out. Watching the kids grow up over the years, seeing how the house has changed (and how I’ve changed)–definitely entertaining.

So before I show you this year’s pandemic version, here’s a walk down memory lane of the older ones:

Done back in 2013. Denisa was pregnant with MC.
2014’s video, starring MC!
For 2015, Denisa took the starring role.
Looks like we took 2016 off as well. In 2017, we recreated the opening of the Waltons, one of Mom’s favorite TV shows from back when.
A bonus video from 2017, done for my step mother before she passed away.
2018’s entry, featuring yours truly. How may people can say they know what a Sriracha Fluffernutter Sandwich tastes like?

And here at last we come to 2021. I wanted to make it pandemic themed, to reflect what the past year has been like. There were a lot of different ideas, and we managed to do a riff on many of them. I’m really happy with the final product, and this time Daniela got to take the lead!

Who knows what we’ll come up with next . . .

Happy birthday, Mom!


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