The "New iPad"

Apple just got finished announcing the new iPad (not the iPad 3, it seems. Just “the new iPad,” which could get mighty confusing when next year rolls around and you’ve got the new iPad and the new new iPad. Maybe it would be the new^2 iPad? New iPad Squared? Who knows?)

First off, a run down of the new features:

  • Better camera–5 megapixels on this puppy, same as on the iPhone. Should be a really significant bump up.
  • Faster processor–Plenty faster than the iPad 2
  • Same price–Actually, they’re keeping the iPad 2 around, and it’s dropping in price to $399 for the base model. So cheaper iPads there, and the new ones are still $499 (for a non-3G, 16GB model)
  • Better screen–Better than 1080p HD, actually. About on par with the iPhone retina screens. Word is, it’ll blow you away. And cook you bacon, which would be nice. I’ll have to see this to appreciate it. The screen, not the bacon.
  • Still 10 hour battery life–Commendable with all the bump up in specifications. Although the new iPad is slightly thicker and slightly heavier as a result. (That 1.5 pounds will be so much heavier than 1.4)
  • 4G speed–If you use the wireless feature, this is supposedly a huge bump up. I’m too cheap to pay for this, so I can’t speak to how good it’ll be, one way or the other.
  • Integrated Voice to Text–Another one of those “I’ll have to try it out to evaluate it” features. But could be handy. Not Siri, though.
  • Same cover as iPad 2–No need to buy a new one
They also announced a new 1080p version of Apple TV (naturally just three months after I bought the old one).
So the question then becomes, “Will Bryce buy a new iPad?”
Seeing as how I initially said I wouldn’t last year when the iPad 2 came around, then folded and bought one less than a month later . . .
I’d say the odds are good. I just can’t tell  you how much I use my iPad. I love love love it. For games, writing, internet, movies, music–it’s an inherent part of me. Yes, that means I’m an uber-Geek, but I’ve given up avoiding that label and embraced it, instead.
Come on in, the water’s fine.
That said, if I do buy one (and it’s not a foregone conclusion yet), the question then becomes, “What is Bryce going to do with his iPad 1?” Because the iPad 2 will of course go to Denisa, who now has the 1.
I could sell it. That’s a possibility. I could also keep it on hand so that when the kids want to use my iPad or Denisa’s, they can use it instead. But then again, I’m not sure how I feel about having my 7 year old have his own iPad. Actually–I do know how I feel about it.
I’m against it.
If I do keep it around, it would still be the parents’ iPad. The kids could just use it from time to time, as we see fit.
Any of you interested in buying a well-cared for iPad 1?

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