The Terrific Two Year Old

Family-Session-(16-of-29)Who says two year olds need to be terrible? It’s true that they can be little dictators, of course. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re just reaching the point in their life when they realize that they can have opinions. They can want to do things, or not want to do things. They’re discovering they can say no, and they love the heady feeling of power that accompanies that knowledge.

MC certainly does, at least. It’s so hard to believe that she’s already two. It seems like a few days ago that Denisa and I were debating adding a third child to the mix, and here we are, with that third child fully present and accounted for, a full-fledged member of the family.

Now that she’s two, it’s becoming easier to see the things she likes and doesn’t like as an individual. She continues to be the world’s best napper. Doing some quick math, she sleeps about 17 hours a day. Two long naps every day still, and if she doesn’t get them, she’s not a happy camper.

She’s a big fan of drawing, dancing, and making funny jokes. She loves to help around the house and likes to keep things clean and tidy. (If I shared her passion for cleaning, my house would be spotless all the time.) She’s also really into good tasting food. Fruits, vegetables. Those are all great in her book.

Clearly she’s taking after Denisa.

Things she’s not so into?

Getting dirty, finishing food she dislikes, people not paying attention to her . . . Maybe her dislikes are still at the universal stage, come to think of it. But those likes are definitely unique to her, judging by how TRC and DC were at her age.

Having three children continues to be something that pushes me beyond my comfort zone. That’s a good thing. It’s a place I don’t get out of often enough. But I must say I have no idea how I’d be coping if my little two year old weren’t as awesome as she is. Yesterday she sat and watched the Star Wars announcement with me, clapping along with the crowd whenever something particularly noteworthy came up. (Her favorite bit? Seeing R2-D2 and checking out the new droid, BB8. Maybe there’s some geeky hope for her yet.)

In any case, a very happy birthday to her. We’ll be celebrating by the traditional cake and ice cream. And I’ll even have a slice in her honor. (Who says I’ve totally given up on sugar?) But just one slice.

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