Tomas Update: Week 1 in Trenčín

Okay just a quick update about the past week, things have been pretty crazy this week so it’ll just be a small one. Basically I live in Trenčín now!! That’s super exciting because my family lives here and I can help the area my mom grew up in. It’s been really cool to see the city again, and also different because I’m a missionary now. I’m excited to keep working here and getting things going!

Highlights of this week include the train driver letting us watch him drive on Monday, and I’d post pictures but he said not to so they don’t fire him…

We visited a folklore festival to see how it would be and it was a super fun and cool experience! We will be going back and talking to more people. 

We figured out how to do light painting with my camera so that’ll be cool. 

Also a fun day just heading out to Piešťany to see how people were there and find the famous 60⁰ C egg water. That stuff was weird. 

Anyways that’s about all I’m up to writing for this week, so here’s photos for the week.

Hope you’re all well and see you next week!

S láskou,

Starší Cundick

****DAD EDIT****

Stepping in here for a moment to add a bit to the post. It’s the advantage of having supreme editorial control of my blog. Tomas has been super busy as he moved from Žilina to Trenčín. Transferring between areas on a mission is always a pretty big deal, and it’s usually the most difficult the first time. You’ve been in an area for a while, you’ve feel like you’ve got it all down, and then suddenly you’re somewhere brand new, with yet another new companion, and you can feel like you’re back to square one. It can be daunting, but he really is doing great, based on our weekly chats.

He’s having a particularly difficult time with allergies, though. Something’s in the air in his new city that wasn’t there in the old one, and it’s making his life fairly miserable. We’re not sure what it is. He’s always had allergies, but he’s had OTC medication that has done the trick to keeping them at bay. That stuff isn’t working now. I know he’s going to a pharmacist today to see what else he might use, and I’ve recommended he go to an actual doctor to get tested for allergies and find out what exactly it is that’s causing them. We’ll see what happens, but if you could keep him in mind and send positive vibes his way, I’m sure it would be appreciated.

And if you happen to have dealt with allergies yourself, and you’ve got any pointers, I’m all ears . . .

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