Tomas Update: Week 18 in Žilina

Ahojte všetci! It’s been a pretty crazy week but I’m gonna have to write this one short as I’m low on time.

First off, things have been super good with elder Rigby and we have just been Goin for it on the streets and overall just pushing to make things move here. Also the sisters are working incredibly hard and overall it’s just been so cool to see how much stuff has changed already. Also we run together now which is pretty sweet. 

Tuesday was a lot of bein outside, saw some cool cars and talked to some people. Not a ton of note there.

Wednesday we got my film back and the pictures are all soo cool. Really haply with em and as usual the best will be in the mega album and the rest in the individual one. Also I took a pic with some random mascot guy.

Thursday was more of the grind and trying to find people, we also planned as usual and the goal is to find so many people that we run out of time to find more since we are doing too much teaching. It’s gonna take a lot of work but we got big goals!

Friday was a big one, basically we have been emphasizing Experimentation lately so we were going out and trying to use a picture of Jesus and ask who he was, but it wasn’t working and we were getting doors shut real fast. So we went and bought a pineapple and used that (religion can look kinda weird from the outside but it’s decent inside, like a pineapple) and people would open the door, look at us, look down at the pineapple, and then look back and keep the door open so we had a way higher not-getting-doors-shut-in-our-faces rate. Also we have bus passes now so we are out and about. Anyways the pineapple was fun and also pretty funny and now we have a pineapple to eat too…

Saturday we went to a car meet but it was already over, so we were kinda bummed but I saw a CRX with a Mugen wing at a gas station on the bus back so we stopped to take pictures and stuff. We then went back to the stop and chilled for a bit, still bummed we missed the meet. A guy came out of the Lidl behind us and started eatin his chocolate and then asked us if we believed in Christ. Basically we ended up getting g his number, giving him a book of Mormon, and he literally came to church to watch General Conference with us the next day and is already talking about how he could tell President Nelson is a prophet. Super super cool experience and he was literally just led to us, we were guided to the right place by the most random stuff and it just worked. Also as we were sitting there I was hoping we’d have time to talk to him and the bus that was supposed to be in 5min ended up passing us completely so we had an extra 20 to talk, really just another blessing on top of that. What a cool day.

Sunday was very nice, the highlight was two of our friends coming to watch Conference with us and having a great experience. I’m so glad they could make it and it was really cool to watch with them in Slovak! I got about 80% of the talks so I’ll run em again in English but I’m so happy we have them in our language.

Monday we headed out to Trenčín and ate at a really mid Indian restaurant (won’t be going back but I’m not gonna publicly roast them, they’re trying) and checked out the Castle. It was kinda weird being back in like a different context but also fun. We saw a goat there too, that was new. Overall it’s just a really cool castle and visiting Trenčín is always nice.

Okay I think that’s about it, hopefully you’re all well. Pineapple finding pics here:

S láskou, 

Starší Cundick 

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