Tomas Update: Week 19-20 in Žilina

Ahojte všetci! Sorry it’s been a while, we had a weird pday on saturday last week so I didn’t end up writing. Anyways, I’m low on time so I’ll just throw out the highlights:

Last Saturday we had a big ol zone pday, we learned how to play rugby and played some Frisbee and soccer. I was super muddy and also we got dog poop on the football but it was really fun! Then after we ate some Hawaiian food which was really really good. Such a fun day and I’m glad it all came together.

That Easter Sunday we actually had 3 people come to church too which was great, things are moving here along with our English classes (which are enormous right now) and the sisters here just getting work done. That and Banská Bystrica had 2 more baptisms this past Saturday! Change is in the air.

Had a really cool exchange with the zone leaders too, we talked to quite a few people in some random suburb of žilina. A man evil laughed when I complimented his dog, we watched a guy spit farther than I’ve ever seen, and ate lunch with tap Kofola in a bowling alley in a dying mall of all places. What a day. 

I made the family orange roll recipe and I thankfully didn’t mess them up too bad but they did not turn out like they usually do… Probably something to do with my lack of a rolling pin. Tasted good though! Also saw a trabant that day.

Then for pday just barely we went to Považská Bystrica to check out the castle there and also I bought a camera (again… But this time digital) for a really good deal. We will see if I keep it, if it’s not worth it I’ll just out it up for sale again. The ruins were cool there and the view was great.

Okay I think that’s like all I can really out together this week, I promise next week will be more normal. It gets hard to remember the more time goes by. Hopefully you’re all well, here is the photos link as usual:

S láskou, 

Starší Cundick 

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