Tomas Update: Week 23 in Žilina

Ahojte všetci, another week another week or whatever it is they say. It’s been good out here in žilina but I’ll just get right into it!

Tuesday was nice out although also kinda rained. But we went a ways out into the city, saw a nice lady and her dog, and renewed our bus passes.

Wednesday we went out to Čadca to teach the Italian family, as usual we ate good and the lesson went well. After that we stopped by a little town on the train back but there weren’t many peoe out. Petted a very nice dog though so not all was lost. 

Thursday was a fun one, we had a meeting with one of our friends before he leaves to Iceland and he was late so we ended up getting talked to by a very very drunk man who was upset a priest had wronged him 10 years ago. Weird guy. He said it was Jesus’ fault that he wasn’t paid or something to that effect. I gave him a Book of Mormon and a few verses about free will and why bad things happen to good people and he seemed pretty satisfied with that. After that we talked to some teenagers who were wondering what we were doing here, they had the fastest Slovak I’ve ever heard. They were chill though. Then we met with our friend and sent him off, got some good ice cream with him and just sat for a while. I’ll miss him.

Friday Prezident Skousen visited so we actually got to see some cool graphs and he helped us teach a lesson to another one of our friends, that went super well and he is progressing wonderfully. Also having Prezident along is like cheating, his Czech is really good and he just teaches so well.

Saturday we headed out to work on the farm again in the morning, we did a lot of sweeping this time in a big ol warehouse. That was pretty fun actually and the birds weren’t yelling at us this time. I think we’ve made this into a regular appointment so that’s good. Also the floor looked way better than last weeks wall did when we left it so that’s probably good. Then for game night I played a round of monopoly deal, like fast card monopoly. I got all my stuff stolen again and used against me to win, which is fun to do but being on the other end is not as funny… 

Sunday was cool, an old missionary from 10 years prior came back and visited so our attendance was doubled because he brought his family. Cool guy, served here in žilina for a long while so he knew some of the spots we still go to. 

The today, Monday, for pday we just played some more games and got food at a restaurant. I am not gonna let myself play monopoly deal anymore because it’s just never gonna go well but at least I got em in Bananagrams. Not a ton to say about the day.

I’ll throw the photos on, got some good ones this week and I really like my new camera.

Still needs a name, trying to come up with one. Anyways, hope you’re all well and having fun with the wonderful spring weather!

S láskou, 

Starší Cundick 

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