Tomas Update: Week 25 in Žilina

Ahojte všetci! Last email before transfers…

This week’s been good! I’m low on time yet again so I’ll try and keep it short but here it is: 

Tuesday we did a bunch of work on our advertisement that they asked us to make. We finally got it done and edited and everything, (our idea was to do something with me being in color and the background not in color so it took quite a while) and submitted so it’s running on Facebook in the Žilina area right now. Besides that we had a good English class with a new person from Odessa, who taught me the Ukrainian equivalent to “it’s a small world” which is Одеса – маленьке село (“Odessa is a little village”)

Wednesday we ended up visiting a smaller city near us called Martin for the day, it was POURING so we were soaked but we had a few decent conversations. I’ve never been more thankful for dry clothing though. Besides that we called a few people in the evening as we spent most of the day in Martin. Also Rigby’s umbrella broke so we had to find an emergency poncho somewhere. That and we stopped by a pawn shop and almost almost got a Canon AE-1 Program for 50€ but left it, I definitely should have got it though because broken ones go for at least that on marketplace or bazoš. So if anyone reading this wants one, I know a guy I guess? Probably a bit far for most of you. 

Thursday we did our mega weekly planning and had a good lesson with our guy Kristian, we are now trying to help him stop smoking so he can be baptized. He’s told us he hasn’t bought any cigarettes since so I think it’s going well? But he also says it’s super super hard which is very fair. Also Thursday we had the elders from the east pull up for travel for zone conference the next day. 

Friday was zone conference! All the Slovak missionaries gathered in Trenčín to have some meetings about how to be better missionaries and just kinda see each other. We also are saying goodbye to 3 missionaries this transfer which is sad but that’s how it is. Anyways big takeaway was practicing how to be natural when talking to people and also being a little more direct about meeting again so people don’t just bail on us. 

Then Saturday we all went back to Trenčín for the commemoration of the dedication of Slovakia for missionary work! Tons of members were there (we had 84 people total) and we had good food, good friends, and Noftle and I played just like old times. A few days prior I cut my finger real bad making a smoothie but it turned out okay and I could play violin at the commemoration. Also me and Millett had a couple really good conversations with people on our way up to the castle woods. And I took a bunch of pictures. 

Okay then Sunday was just a nice, chill Sunday and we worked on our other ad as a church unit (shout-out to Mom for doing the voiceover for that with her super clean Slovak) and finally got that done too. It felt super good to have that done especially because the deadline was coming up.

That brings us to today’s Monday, final pday of the transfer. We headed out with the Banská Bystrica elders, the Ottos, and the Astills to Orava Castle, where they filmed the 1922 Dracula. It was a very cool castle and I took lots of pictures, I’m glad we could make it out because by anything besides car it takes forever. 

Anyways, that’s about it for this week. Hopefully you’re all well, I’ll add the pictures as usual once I sort through them

S láskou,

Starší Cundick

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