Tomas Update: Week 6 at the MTC

Hey everyone! This is it-my last email from the MTC!! We’ve been working hard recently in class to finish up everything so that we’re ready. It’s been good here, and I’m definitely going to miss the friends I’ve made while here – most of them are Finnish speaking so we will not see them again until after the mission. But it’s been great here and I’ve learned and grown a ton. 

As far as my Slovak goes, I have learned SO much here. I thought I was decent before, but I barely knew any grammar or even how to read properly. Now I know most of the grammar and I can read and pronounce so much better, and I really feel like I can actually speak. I didn’t know before how much I didn’t know. According to my teachers, my Slovak is about as good as whoever will be training me in the field, which is kind of crazy to hear but I’m excited to be talking to real natives every day! 

I have 25 ties now as well. The other day I made a big master sheet to keep track of days so I can make a graph of my tie usage and track how many times I’ve worn each one, along with their attributes so I can see which are my favorite. Once I get some data in there I’ll update everyone because this should be at least vaguely interesting…

Finally, I got my Slovak passport! I’m now officially an EU citizen and don’t need a visa to go to Slovakia, which means I for sure leave next Monday (the 21st)! 10:37 am we leave for SLC, then fly to Amsterdam and finally Prauge. I can’t wait to go! It’ll definitely be a long day of traveling but it’ll be my first time out in the real world in like forever. 

Anyways, that’s about all that’s happened of note this week. I’ll throw in some pictures, and then I’m not sure if you’ll hear from me next week because my day switches to Monday instead, so it might be a bit. 

Love you all,

Starší Cundick


My passport!

The happiest the food has ever been here

Flag pictures!


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