Tomas Update: Week 8 in Trenčín

Ahojte všetci! I am finally back. Things have been kinda crazy out here lately and I keep dropping the time to write an email so here we are. 

Highlights from the past few weeks:

-randomly meeting the parents of one of my mom’s friends 

-recording a really cool arrangement of “Consider the Lilies” in a legit studio in Bratislava

-eating an entire študentská (big chocolate bar) in under 3min

-taking pictures at a cool joust

-learning how to make palacinky with babka

-slightly breaking my camera lens 

-upgrading my commander decks and subsequently totally shredding last Tuesday

-randomly running into my uncle at a big antiques event

and a whole lot more that I can’t remember right now. 

Anyways, here is this week:

Tuesday we went and grabbed ties at the best place to buy cheap ties in Slovakia (that we know of) so we could take em to zone conference and be the tie dealers. Pretty classic. Also interviews with Prezident and a cool video lesson with our new friend Andrea. And the aforementioned Commander night where I wrecked with my upgraded deck. It’s been fun and the guys are so cool and kind to us! Rest assured I am representing Maine’s players well I think. 

Wednesday we went out to Blava for zone conference, that was pretty cool. It’s always great to see everyone since are so far apart and of course we learned a ton and are trying to apply it in the coming weeks. 

Thursday we went BACK again so we could go record some stuff with the musicians in the zone at a studio we rented, I had to be in the soundproof box because my violin is pretty quiet and I also had to do like 15 takes of the start by myself because I’m not the greatest soloist… But it went well!! I’m excited to hear the results for that. We were so dead by the end of that day though. 

Friday Goodare (my companion now, Osborne is off in Banská Bystrica) was not feelin the best so we took it kinda easy. We ended up going to the hospital which was quite the experience (same one where I had my crown done! Fun fact!) but he’s all good and we are resting and he’s got the medicine he needs so no worries. 

Saturday not a ton happened because of Goodare being sick but it was an okay day. Not a ton to say. 

Sunday we had like 14 people at church! Some visitors from Uherské Hradište and the Valničkovci were finally back. That was good after a few bare weeks at church and I finally didn’t speak on Sunday which was also good. I spoke with no prep the last two Sundays since it’s kinda on me as I am 1st councilor in the branch presidency. Wasn’t expecting that one but here I am. But then again I get to see the exciting financial side of things (spoiler: the church keeps really good track of all of its money). 

Okay and then finishing today, we went and visited the castle Beckov which was cool, and also I remembered it!! I saw some tower and remembered it from whenever I visited (like a long time ago) which was cool. Very nice castle (7.5/10) and would probably go again. Then we came back and shopped and now I am writing this email. 

Things are good here in Trenčín! Next week is transfers and I 100% do not want to leave so hopefully I stay. I live living here and I am loving working here as well. So thankful I can be here as always. 

Okay, photos link (there will be many)

As usual, hope you are all well and haven’t missed these updates too much. It’s been good to write and I definitely have to do this more. Thanks for reading!

S láskou,

Starší Cundick 

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