Tropical Vacations

Maybe it’s because I just finished one vacation and I have a second one lined up for the end of this week. Or maybe it’s because it was just above zero this morning when I headed into work. (Not that I was cold. I had my nice LL Bean coat on, so the cold doesn’t bother me much.) But one way or the other, I’ve got vacationing on the brain, and I’d like to ask you lovely people for some advice.

I’m debating going somewhere tropical. I’ve toyed with the idea of Hawaii, but that’s like . . . over 5,000 miles away from me, which seems a bit much. Slovakia is only 4,000 miles away, after all. I want to go someplace tropical, but not “farther away than Eastern Europe” tropical. That said, I’ve been to Hawaii. It’s lovely. I’d love to go back.

But I haven’t been to the Caribbean (unless you count the many voyages I went on to see the Pirates there over the years). I’ve been looking into different islands. Puerto Rico (no passport needed!), Aruba (I’ve already got a passport, so what does it matter?), the Bahamas, Jamaica, etc. What I’d really like is to hear from people who’ve been to these places. I’ve talked with a friend who went to Puerto Rico recently and loved it. I’d like that kind of experienced feedback on other places.

How hard is it to get around? What do you do with your time there? How expensive was the food? Favorite experiences? Places to avoid? When did you go? Any general tips? Have you been to Hawaii? How did it compare to there?

Anyway. I’m all ears (or eyes, I suppose, though I’d be happy to discuss this in person as well.) If you got suggestions/thoughts, please share!


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