TV Review: Picard Season 2

“Don’t watch season 2 of Picard,” everyone told me. “It’s terrible.” But if everyone told me to jump off a cliff, would I?

If it saved me from having to watch season 2 of Picard again, I’d seriously consider it.

That was hot garbage. A complete, and utter disaster. So bad, and yet earnestly portrayed that you can’t help wondering if the actors were looking at a different script. The whole season brought shame on the Star Trek name. So many plot holes. So many non-sensical points. So many contrived circumstances. It’s like they looked up “willing suspension of disbelief” and thought it was a mandatory thing.


To be fair, the first episode wasn’t terrible. You’ve got some strange Borg thing showing up, asking for Picard by name. It feels like it’s going to be the start of a cool new season. Like it had potential.


Nope. Nope. Nope. Instead, it had everything but. Time travel? Check. Random back story of Picard that I never really cared about? Check. Funky dream sequences? Roger. Annoying villains? Double check. Caricatures of characters? You betcha. Lame ending? Of course.

I’m trying to look on the bright side. I still felt like some of the actors were decent. Even if their characters were doing and saying idiotic things. The special effects were much better than OG Star Trek’s effects. There. That’s a bright spot?

I’m going to try season three, because I’ve been told it’s better. But if there’s no real connection to season two, then the world would be a better place if someone were to “accidentally” delete season two from history entirely.

Avoid. 3/10, and that’s being generous. Could it have been worse? Yes. With cheesier effects and worse acting. But . . . ugh.

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