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As part of our family’s goals, TRC is writing a journal four times a month. (That’s the goal, anyway.) I thought I’d take a minute to fill you all in on some of his more noteworthy entries over the last while. (He dictates, I transcribe.)

February 28, 2010
Today is the last day of February. We get to hit the goal number generator, and if we get a high number, then we don’t get much money. And if we get a low number, we get more money. And also if I have enough money, I might get a Bakugan, a toy or anything, so I can exchange some money for a toy, a Bakugan–anything that my dad has. Today we went to church. I learned that we will be resurrected, and that we will die, and after that we’ll be resurrected. It’s cool. Then I’ll get to see my parents again, and when I’m dead and up in heaven, I’ll get to see my friend that is a dog named Mya. She died a few months ago, and I really like her, because she isn’t like dogs that are like rough house dogs. Those dogs . . . I don’t like ’em, because they just lick me too much. I just do not like them. And they jump on me, try to do stuff that I don’t like.

March 15, 2010
My mitten came unhooked at recess. I put both of them in my coat. I kept losing them. By the end of recess, I lost one. I couldn’t find it. My friend Shaylynn thought she saw it on the bridge in the playground. I asked Mrs. Baxter if me and Shaylynn could go to the playground and look for it on the bridge. We couldn’t find it. I went inside with my class. With 2 3rd graders, I looked in the lost and found. It wasn’t there. Later, I went back to my classroom. Later in the day, Mrs. Baxter found my mitten. I don’t know where she found it. That’s the end.

March 27, 2010
Today–I mean yesterday–Dad restarted the World of Warcraft, and I am his pet death spider, and I am also a spirit, so I don’t get hurt, but I’m an unparticular death spider spirit. I get hungry. I use poison, and I float around, and no one can see me. I also help attack things. I can turn into a egg, and I have resting spots, and I only have four feet. My name is Sharpclaw.

March 28, 2010
The next Sunday is General Conference and Easterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! And also on Friday, I get to hand in my Kelso wheel homework, and then I get to choose a prize from the Kelso prize box. Yee-hoo! Once upon a time, there was a king. He ate strawberries only, but when the cook cooked rice and beans, he commanded that the cook must cook strawberries every day, and when the cook made banana splits, the king commanded that the cook must make strawberry splits. So the cook did everything cooked with strawberries. One day the king died, and the other king only wanted bananas. So when the cook cooked strawberry splits, the king commanded that he must make banana splits. So the cook had to do everything back with bananas. Then that king died again, and then the other king only wanted carrots, so the cook made carrot splits. And so the cook made carrot dinners, carrots and rice, and then that king died, and then the other one . . . he just had ants in his pants. The end.

April 15, 2010
Today I have a adult tooth growing behind my real one. I am free to wiggle it. I can wiggle it and I can wiggle it. When it comes out, I am going to put it under my pillow and see if the Tooth Fairy comes. I might get a dollar. I might get a one dollar coin. I might get some pennies. I don’t know what I might get. I might get a toy. I don’t know.

April 17, 2010
Today I had a great day. I played in the snow and I made a snow groundhog. I made a fort, and this night I played ninja, and I had special tools, like a booby trap scanner, a pen sword which also is a gun (but I had to cancel that because I got a gun from the bad guys), and I fought a level 2,000 dragon, and I was just level 1, and also I added knives onto my fingers. I have a cape, and I have special ear protectors, and I also with my pen I can spray paint myself invisible. I had a great day. I got to eat batter, sugar, chocolate chips, and all on just one vacation day. What a great day!

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